I know your horse is unique and you want to use only the very best products in all aspects of your horses care.  EquiScentials Horse Care Products are the best naturally derived products that will look after your horse externally, leaving your horse feeling good as well as looking good.

Build a stronger bond with your horse with EquiScentials.

By spending quality time grooming your horse you will build a stronger bond and success is more likely to follow.
By using the Equicoat Body Wash, the best horse shampoo on the market, that helps your horse feel better on the outside by helping to relieve any irritations and give a deep clean whether they have skin conditions or not, your horse will feel better and enjoy that quiet time the morning of a show or a warm afternoon in the sun and create a stronger more trusting bond with you.

With a stronger bond your horse will work better for you, be easier to understand and the trust won’t break. You can’t go wrong.

EquiChrome Shampoo

Whiten and brighten, shampoo for greys, palominos, appaloosas and more!

EquiChrome Conditioner

Whiten and brighten, conditioner for greys, palominos, appaloosas and more!

Equicoat Body Wash

Lifts away dirt and dead skin leaving a great shine!

Coat Cleaner

Spot/stain remover, sock whitener, leather cleaner.

Coat Enhancer

Relieves itch, dry skin moisturiser, encourages hair growth.

Hair & Hoof Moisturiser

Looks after dry hooves, skin and coat, great plaiting aid.

Mane & Tail Detangler

No heavy silicone, moisturises and detangles.

Coat Finisher

Non-slip coat finishing shine, oat proteins, detangler

Our NEW EquiChrome Shampoo & Conditioner

You can’t beat the EquiScentials Naturally Derived EquiChrome Shampoo for whitening as well as brightening lighter colours like a Palomino or an Appaloosa! No need to wear gloves, no purple stains, enhances natural colours as well as whitening so great for your paints etc. No bleaching and easy to rinse out!  

"One wash with the EquiChrome range and Silver came up white! How white in this pic thou!!!! Bloody awesome! Had so many people comment on how white she was." Georgie Fairest

EquiScentials Equicoat Body Wash and Detangler

Cleaning your brushes with EquiScentials Coat Cleaner

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A lifetime of combined knowledge of all things Equine, led to the development of a natural product range to meet our customer’s needs and expectations for drug-free animal health and welfare.

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